Ask Me For Feedback On Your Product Pages or Blog Content

Hey guys! I have some free-time on my hands and figured I'd help some people out. I'll provide some actionable feedback on either your product pages, or blog/article content (which unfortunately a lot of people in Ecom seem to sleep on, especially considering how much traffic blogs bring in along with the authority they establish).

A little about me – I've been a freelance content and direct response copywriter for the past 5 years, focusing mostly on working with Ecommerce and SAAS clients. I've been around the block a bit, working with multiple 7-figure store owners, one 8-figure owner, and having written a single product page that did over $mill in sales.

Either comment (or PM me) your site link, and what specifically you want feedback on. I'll try to get back to as many people as possible.


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