Customer claiming the address isnt the one he provided and asking for help.

So I shipped an item to this guy, he provided a certain address in a certain state, then claimed on 2 emails that he never received recieved it (the USPS says delivered), then said I dont live in state X, I live in the state Y.

I said I only sent u what u asked for to the address u gave, which I explained many times.

Then said oh well, did i just lose all the money i spent on it? Then said i heard the item is really good from different people I really wanna use it too but I cant afford another one, and asked if he contact the UPS will anything be different.

Now I have a draft email that basically says:

" even if u contact them they will say it was delivered to what u provided for me as ur seller.

U sound like a good dude and I'm gonna see if I can send a replacement for u to an address u send via email, in return give a positive review."

Now my very first thought, this dude is a scam, but the back and forth on email made me feel bad for him, maybe someone placed the order for him and did something wrong etc etc. Trying to give an excuse here.

My question is, should I stand my ground? Or be extra nice and send a replacement m not responsible for, but business is business so I should get something out of it (positive review).

Help please. M reluctant to do this cuz this feels like it's turning into a shit show.


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