Decent Traffic, No Sales – Where To Improve?

Hi everyone, hope you're doing well.

I just launched my first (ever) store and in reality, I was expecting it to flop as I don't have any experience with ecommerce and heard it's pretty normal. But I want to tap into your knowledge and learn what I am doing wrong. Here is my website:

The Data:
I was running 7 FB + IG adsets at $5/day each, targeting one interest per adset, with the same picture, video and carousel ad in each ad set. Targeted all the ePacket countries. The audiences for these interest were pretty small (1 – 10 million). However, 2 were much broader (500m +). This was to test if there was any interest in my product, or if my ads would get any traction. I spent $53 in total over 2 days, 2.6% CTR (37,537 impressions), 556 link clicks, 405 sessions, $0.09 average CPC. However, there were 0 add-to-carts, 0 checkouts, 0 purchases. Analytics show that nearly everyone is viewing my homepage then bouncing, leading me to believe it's a problem of website design or product choice, rather than my ads. Currently, I have disabled ads as I need to figure out what the problem is, or make the decision to move on from this product/website.

The Website:
I'm using Debutify 3.0. Some problems I think may potentially have caused this:

  1. I can't change the font size of the header font and it probably comes across low quality.

  2. The product picture next to the add-to-cart button on the product page looks worse than it does in real life. I think this killing interest, but I would need a better (and similar) picture for every variant and I cannot find any! 🙁

  3. Product page's description is pretty bare, but all the information is on the home page so don't really want to repeat myself on the product page.

  4. Using a 2 colour-set rather than 3-colour set [I've heard this makes for a more branded look].

  5. Price is potentially too low for jewelry? Might come across as sketchy.

  6. I added the Zodiac descriptions on the product page AFTER stopping ads, unsure if this would have helped or hindered. Probably too long and annoying, but I was worried my product page was too empty with just the reviews there.

Would love to hear some constructive criticism about what to improve on, either now, or for next time. Hope to hear from you, have a good one!

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