Impact of SITE SEARCH on eCommerce conversion rates

We’ve been seeing a big trend around SITE SEARCH and its impact on conversion rates across multiple eCommerce clients.

Simply put, users who use site search convert significantly better – anywhere from 200% to over 500%+.

By analyzing the data, you can accomplish a few things:

✅You can find ways to make Site Search more prominent on your website and increase the number of users who actually use it to see how it impacts user behavior and conversions.

✅You can analyze user flow and identify when/where visitors typically use search to identify insights about when search is most relevant in their buying journey and run experiments around those insights to improve engagement and user experience.

✅You can learn what products/terms/content people are searching to uncover insights into what users are looking for and then use that data to run experiments and make popular searches more accessible across the website.

✅You can look at both quantitative and qualitative behavioural data about how people actually navigate the search results page and run experiments to improve how search results are presented, the information it shows, the layout, and calls to action to improve engagement and user experience.

If you currently offer site search, I would highly recommend digging into the data and comparing engagement, conversions, and user behaviours of users who do/don’t use site search.

This will give you a starting point to uncover hidden insight about unique customer segments that you can use to experiment and optimize their experience.

Here's an example of site search data to demonstrate the opportunity (both from the same client)

Number of visitors who use search:

Conversion rates of visitors who use search:

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