Should I Start All Over?

Started in February

Spent: $827.20 on Ads so far

Total sales: $419.86

Profit: 0 lol don’t ask

(Dropshipping) Beauty niche

First store and tbh I didn’t really start to understand ads until recently. I don’t mind losing money if I’m learning so I’m not really upset about the loss. Just wondering if I should stop everything, find a new product and start from scratch.

I have been using Pinterest Because Facebook won’t let me make an account lol

Last 30 days:

Spend: $279.19

Cost per result: $0.015 CPC for retargeting campaign and $0.018 CPC for original campaign

Impressions: 558,785

CPM: $0.46 for retargeting campaign and 0.53 for original campaign

CTR: 3.08% for retargeting campaign and 2.99% for original

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