eCommerce Startup CMS Advice

I am working on a startup idea and am hoping to get a recommendation for a good eCommerce capable CMS to build on.

We will need an eCommerce platform that is capable of having tens of thousands of pages created (preferably via CSV upload). It needs to be easy to SEO optimize and super scalable. If it has a native blog and forum functionality that would be ideal. We want it to have a very customizable back end interface with user roles and permissioning. Capability to rate and review items. Site search functionality will be important. Independent inventory management, for instance, think of a collection of shops with unique inventories of items. Finally, because we're a startup, cost is going to be important as well (i.e. developer cost, license cost, hosting, etc).

I have a lot of experience (power user/admin, not developer) using Drupal and WordPress. I was originally thinking WordPress would be good, because it's simple to build and you can find a lot of developers across the globe with expertise, but I'm not super familiar with WooCommerce and if it would be a good fit.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

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