for the life of me, I cannot get my head around advertising jaargon

im in the process of building my second attempt at an ecommerce store. My first failed miserably, and in part i believe it was due to poor advertising.

I see all you guys here talk about advertising and how to do it effectively, and ive watched so many videos on the subject that ive lost count.

But my problem is, none of it is sinking in! its like a completely foreign language to me. You may as well all be talking in Ancient Mongolian!

I guess I could outsource, but i really want to understand it for myself, not just the business, but for me personally, as i love learning new skills. I think my problem is I am a creative minded person (im a graphic designer) so the whole branding side of things is a breeze for me. But when it comes to the more technical, number crunching stuff i flake.

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