Here We Go Again …. Thanks Facebook (Perma-Banned For Nothing).

Once again, one of my brand accounts has been disabled.

Yesterday, I go to sleep happy, account spends approximately $36,495.61 (5/17/21).

Wake up, stop in office – account is disabled for "unacceptable business practices".

I'm in the e-commerce space. Clean brands, clean products – all compliant, keep reading…

This has happened so many times, we're never actually in violation of this policy, which is funny.

I've even placed an in house compliance team to work directly with Facebook, which seemed to help – temporarily. 99% of the time it's been an algorithmic error and were able to renable the account.

However, Facebook never removes the error and it still counts as a strike on the account so now because of "multiple policy violations" (even though the previous strikes were ERRORS on Facebook's behalf) the account is now perma-bannedand I'm going to go get perma-drunk because of this.

Simply venting here, thank you for listening to my BS for the day.

Sincerely Your Angry Ad Homie,Subfields

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