Here’s the mistake you’re probably making with your ads

iOS 14 is out and tracking delivery of ads is harder than usual but here’s one of the big mistakes dropshippers make when running ads.

Okay, before I continue, a quick self introduction. I currently manage paid ads operation for a six-figure revenue e-commerce brand. We run ads on large scale but they are built on the foundations of very basic principles. My job is to create and manage those structures for this brand and fortunately, I’m not doing a terrible job.

So let’s get into it; Here’s on of the mistake most dropshippers make;

  • targeting multiple interest per ad set.

How do ou test the profitability of an interest when you’re putting them all in one ad set?

If you’re selling say a body shaper for women and you have five interests to target, target them individually per ad set and then find the best performers.

Check out for CPC, CTR, Quality, Relevance and Engagement rates.

When these metrics check out and you see good results, merge the best performing ad sets and increase the budget by 20% every three days. This ensures that it doesn’t go back into the learning phase.

Happy to answer a few questions

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