How much do you guys charge for a Retail eCommerce Website?

Hi guys! 😀

Glad to see you al!

I was browsing around Reddit and came across different people and companies, with very different price points.

There are both companies and people doing a terrible job for 1-1000K $.
There are both companies and people doing a wonderful job for 10-1000K $.

My for you is:
How much do (would) you charge a client for a Retail eCommerce Website and what technologies would be used in your solution?

As previously mentioned I saw people doing a WordPress solution for 100K and people doing a custom solution for 50K.

To add some details to the story, your client is a chain of 10 big supermarkets in your area for example (wherever you live), they have 5000-10000 products and they want to have an online shop that would have two options: In-Store pickup and Home Delivery.

Really interested in your answers, I honestly don't know what to expect from my previous (small) research on the topic! 😀

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