How much time will I spend per week managing my shop?

tl;dr is 20 hours a week enough time to run a simple store for someone who is an experienced digital marketer?

I know this is a how long is a piece of a string type question but bear with me.

I predict I'll make close to nothing in year 1 of running my store. I need some income in that first year and do quite while doing as a growth marketing consultant. Can I get by on spending 20 hours per week on the store?

The store

  • 1 product that's sold on subscription. A couple of different packaging/quantity SKUs but essentially 1 product.
  • It has a shelf life and a high MOQ so I can’t just chill out and wait for the sales to come in.

  • 2 suppliers. One for the product itself and one for the packaging. Product supplier sends it to packaging supplier. Packaging supplier sends it to 3rd party logistics company who pick, pack, and ship it.

  • Goal is to do $60k gross in year 1

  • I'll spend $1k – $1.5k p/month on a part-time person to manage support, returns etc. Estimate these will be lower than avg due to the fact it's a subscription product so as time goes on a growing % of sales are made by existing customers.

  • I have a lot of experience in online marketing, websites etc. (although limited in ecomm). I'll hire a freelancer to make any major updates to the site but will do smaller ones myself. I'll do all of the digital marketing.

  • So I would have 20 hours weekly to handle marketing and logistics.

Does this seem feasible?

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