Is ecombabe a scam?

My girlfriend got an advertisement for it while shopping for plants online. There isn't a whole lot of info available on their site either, but she seems to be interested in working from home and being your own boss, all the things that come with drop shipping etc. I am trying to be supportive but I am also concerned that you have to set up an interview to be "selected", giving people who suddenly become infatuated with the idea of quitting their day job a way to justify whatever this is gonna cost.

The website has decent info on ecommerce as a whole, but seems to fluff up their program with obviously selected testimonials. The terms of conditions seem to imply that whatever store you set up is their property.

I am not taking a dump on ecommerce, I have a friend who tried it on his own and was somewhat successful, telling me all the ins and outs of how he did it. It's risky, potentially devastating and potentially rocketing business. I envy those who have managed to turn in into a career. I took 2 years of marketing in highschool so I have a somewhat informed, but still extremely limited view on the marketing world.

So, has anyone tried this program? Is it as profitable as the site makes it out to be (you have to register your email to really get into the nitty gritty)? Or is it another internet scam, with this one specifically targeting women?

I came here to ask because the only reviews of it I can find are from jaded tiktok/insta ambassadors who never got their things, people who were obviously paid to be bias, or testimonials on their site. Thank you!

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