Rejected Facebook Ad

Hey everyone. I have a quick question.

I've been running ads and everyting was going very well. I sold all of my stocked product, now waiting for others to arrive.

Today I tried to schedule 5 ad sets (10 ads, (2 in each ad set)) and all of my ads got rejected. Even those who have been turned off about 4 days ago.

The policy violation is " Circumventing Systems". It says " Ads must not use tactics intended to circumvent our ad review process or other enforcement systems. "

This really doesn't make a sense to me.

Has anyone experienced same issue? 

I requested a rewiew and only 2 out of 18 ads got reversed, others – rejected forverer.

Should I delete those ads and try to launch new campaign with different creative? 


**Could this be a sign that someone reported my page or actual add and this happened?

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