Sharing my idea for gadget – is this possible ?

I’ve wanted to make a really small sticky / magnet type object that is as small as possible and can attach to a key / keys, wallet and other small valuables. And have an app where you simply activate the ‘play’ button and it emits a semi loud beeping noise – possibly customisable like a ring tone but not necessary .

I’ve done a little research and notice you can get transmitters that aren’t going through a phone all, and the gadget is like a fairly big and instrusive tab like object .

It’s intended just for the max range of your house, nothing huge distance wise.

Is this viable ? Would you buy it, or could you see someone who would buy it? Has this actually been done before? Is it possible to get something small and sticky and make it emit a noise connected through an app?

Would it be possible to expand and get gps involved for long range, like you dropped your keys in the shop and you can check on your app the approx gps co-ords?

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