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Hello everyone! Guys, I have an idea about an e-store, and I would like to hear your opinion. Maybe with your help, I even manage to build a good business on this idea. Otherwise, you can stop me from making an epic mistake and wasting a lot of money.

When I’ve been browsing some online stores for a magnetic double-sided glass cleaner, I came up with this idea. Of course, it is very convenient for those who live in multi-apartment tall buildings. But I think it will work for everybody. Apart from those window-cleaners, they also have some interesting stuff, which is hard to find in our local stores for a reasonable price.

Coming back to the business idea, I’ve noticed that those window cleaners break pretty often, while their price is too high. Common, 25$ for a cleaner the will serve just for a couple of months is too much. While I’ve been browsing those stores, I found a couple of stores where you can order stuff directly from China. I saw there precisely the same window cleaners, but for a way lower price. Besides, you are even able to order a bulk of 5-10 cleaners. So I decided to try to re-sell them here in the USA. For instance, I can order a bulk of 10 cleaners and re-sell each for 10$. As you can see, the price will be way lower, but 10$ for 3 months is not that pricey.

Besides, I don’t think that there is any need to rent warehouse space, at least at the beginning. I can either order bulk and keep it in my garage or order when someone places an order on my website. When I ordered my bulk of cleaners, I’ve noticed that they ship everything via china post. The parcel arrived sooner than I expected, and the most important that I could track my order.

I didn’t have enough time to go through all the details and work on my business plan. So it is just an idea, which requires a lot of work. Besides, I haven’t thought about market competition yet, and I need to research this field.

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