Free e-commerce backend/CMS alternative to WooCommerce

I am rebuilding my website and would like to explore the world outside WordPress. In the redesign I want to add an online store to sell digital goods like software subscriptions as well as physical goods. I have used WooCommerce in the past but I hated it because I couldn’t fully customise it. I am looking for suggestions for e-commerce solutions/backends that compare to WooCommerce, but without the limitation. I’ve been Googling it, but would like to know if there are options that are not the common Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc. Requirements: – useable free plan (this store is nowhere near paying for anything and that’s before exchange rates) – I prefer headless/backend only. The part about WooCommerce I am trying to get away from is the prebuilt templates. I at least want the option for a blank canvas. – My strong suite is html & css, I know enough php to convert an html site into a WP theme, but that’s it. Though I’m not opposed to learning something new (I have been looking at JavaScript), I would prefer a minimal learning curve to get off the ground (I know this is unlikely, and not holding my breath) – on the store side I need, product variants at different prices, custom payments integration/API, custom shipping integration/API – Open Source is a nice to have – my hosting provider does limit me a little, for example I cannot use Symphony or MongoDB (it has MariaDB10.4), but I do have CLI access to the server (Debian stretch) so I can add some packages. – I would like to be able to post products to Facebook as well from the backend, but that’s also more of a nice to have.

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