I’m starting an eco-friendly / plastic-free home-essentials store and am choosing a new name from these 6.

right now the url of my business is I don't like it because people constantly confuse the name with recycled plastics or re-anything else plastics. Also the first word is past tense and the second is plural which makes it really hard to spell and say.

The names I am thinking of are: (that would be the url but you would just refer to the store as Earthpositive. I like it because the logo could be something nice and simple: EARTH+ half of the reason I built this site was so I could donate profits and truly make a good impact on the world. I know a lot of businesses say this in their marketing, but I am really passionate about it. We're going to try to help put on beach clean ups and engage communities and donate to local non-profits when you buy from us. I like this because it makes our buyers feel like a hero for shopping with us. Although this is really long. I saw it on a mural and thought it was touching. Its similar to other names out there such as the eco friendly store: "the future is good". Abbreviated as I combined Eco and essentials. Because we're selling home-essentials that are eco-friendly. Simple enough. The biggest problem I see with this URL is that it is a clever name but it doesn't invoke much emotion. I don't know if i like this one. Figured I would just put it in though. The problem is that it makes it seem like the only benefits of buying from plastic free goods is that you're buying goods without plastic however it's so much more than that (manufacturing process, energy usage, ethics, if our supplier donates, etc)

I made a very quick google survey, if you could fill it out I would really really appreciate it 🙂

Thank you guys so much. Feel free to also leave comments in the forum. Don't sugarcoat! I'm not attached to any of these names yet…

By the way i'm a 19 year old, I guess that's cool

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