The truth about Facebook Ads in 2021 (and the iOS 14 debate – The end of the world?

It's almost impossible to read a blogpost or YouTube video about advertising, Facebook Ads or eCommerce without stumbling upon anything iOS 14 related. Just as GDPR before or the removal of Audience Insights some time ago, this is now the next seemingly big Armageddon for advertisers.

But is iOS 14 really that bad in the long run and what does it really mean?

Well, to me it means that your ad game has to step up. I know that's easier said than done, but hear me out:

Most people think Facebook Ads is about the technical side of things: tweaking ad sets, beating the system, defining audiences, throwing around terms like WW 18-25 ATC 7-14 LLA XYZ ABC 1337.

They debate whether to use a 14-days Initiate Checkout LLA or a 30-days ATC or whether to go with Purchases right away or not.

If you are entirely focused on the technical side (which you shouldn't), then yes, iOS 14 really hurts your performance more and is even more devastating.

But what should you do instead?

FIRST: When I look at my own FB Ads account, my clients or friends, we have one thing in common: focusing on strategy, copy and creative.

Yes, FB Ads performance comes, by 80-90%+, from these 3 things. Audiences, adset setup, whether to use CBO or not etc. are all important factors, but they pale next to hitting those right.

I totally get it, those things are harder to do and they take more time than playing with audiences. But trust me, it will be worth it!

Of course iOS 14 hit us as well, that's out of question. But the impact is certainly smaller, as we test creatives, ad angles and our overall funnel on a regular basis. And winning through these things isn't going away anytime soon.

SECOND: Now is the time to really focus on your store rather than spending too much time in ad manager.

Here is what you should do, at least when you are starting a new store or running on a small ad budget:

  1. Spend 75% of your time building a great store (usability, design, layout, user-friendliness, high quality images etc.)
  2. Spend 20% of your time working on your ads – designing them, thinking about how to get people to your store, how to pre-qualify them, which ad platforms to use in the first place (DON'T forget Google!!)
  3. Spend 5% of your time doing the technical setup of your ads, including the audiences, the campaign structure etc.

Think about it that way: what's the ONLY part of your ads that people actually see? Well, the ad itself, right?

Anything that goes on in the background surely has an impact on performance, but as long as you are creative and methodical in your ad-creation, everything else matters a lot less.

So forget about all those technical details and focus on what really matters: spending time on a great store + ads. If you spend more time in Canva, Photoshop or whatever and more time writing text than anything else, that's a good sign!

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