Brands/DBAs under one LLC

I’m currently brainstorming LLC names and brands for my new small business. However I’m stuck on the nuances of business names and branding.

For example if I plan on selling across multiple departments it may benefit me to have a generic LLC name.

Let’s say I choose ABC Group LLC

Now I venture into health supplements and register a branded trademark such as Super Vitality.

Would I need ABC Group LLC to be on the front of the packaging? Or can there just be a small print on the back stating “distributed by ABC Group LLC”?

I’ve seen some people mention that they have DBAs for each brand under one generic LLC. That seems pricey and if DBAs can be avoided that would be ideal.

Ive also noted that Kimberly-Clark owns tons of brands. One example is Kleenex. But I’ve never seen the name Kimberly-Clark company name on the front of a Kleenex box.

Any advice or personal experience setting this up is appreciated.

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