Update : customer ordered many times, same product, should I be worried

So I dont know if this is a joke or something. But here goes nothing.

I mentionned before that someone ordered same product many times and i asked if it's a red flag.

The customer contacted me via messenger asking "how many did I order because I thought u didnt recieve my orders"

Now, for one I am hesitant to tell her she ordered 5 times with a large amount, because if so, a refund will be very heavy on my side.

Plus, she put her address there and there was a mistake which led the USPS to process a return to sender.

She then said I asked the USPS and they already returned it, then said I want my money.

I am at loss.

First she gives wrong address for 3 seperate orders.

Then instead of asking did u guys get my order, she continues to place 2 more :).

Then gets mad that one of her orders was listed as returned to sender for an incorrect address.

Then suggest a resend, then says no I want my money back.

PLEASE help, I am at total loss.

Should I slowly refund? Or not be at responsibiliy here? And let things go with the flow? Or should I negotiate a partial refund?


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