AI Copywriting & Brainstorming – New Version Released – Test it out!

Hey squad! I'm happy and excited to give you some updates on the AI copywriting app I have been working on in the last few months!

The app is created for marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, copywriters, and creators. It powered by GPT-3 and is great at creating various copy and brainstorming ideas for you.

Today I released the new version that has some updates:

  • Every single feature got reworked from scratch and now the content is way better than in the earlier version.
  • New types of project types supported – Now expanded to Product, Business, Service, App, Brand, Project
  • Longer queries supported (200 -> 350 characters). Found a way to increase stability on the inputs.
  • NEW TONE FEATURE! Select a tone of voice your content should lean to. Successfully tested 20 tones, will be adding more. Try out negative tone if you want some jucier ads.
  • Added a focus Keyword functionality – provide a short keyword (e.g. 20% off, Brand Name, discount, posture corrector, buy now) – now the content will try to use those keywords or directions.
  • Added a "Randomness" slider – now you can control how crazy do you want to push the AI.

If you are interested in trying it out – sign up here :

It is free to try with unlimited use for the 7 days.

I am looking for any feedback, as I am a single-man crew here, and any support is appreciated.


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