Best Alternative to Shopify for Recurring Revenue Business?

I’m running a business where I sell a digital product that users pay monthly to maintain access to. I’m currently running Shopify with the Bold Memberships plugin to manage memberships. I sell a high ticket add-on which received two chargebacks from customers that were committing fraud against me. Shopify notified me that they will not support my store with Shopify Payments anymore and to use a 3rd party plugin to handle payments. I’m honestly so fed up with Shopify and have been frustrated with the lack of flexibility on the site for a while now. Of course I can go with WordPress and custom develop everything around my needs. However, that will cost a bit of capital to invest in. I’m wondering if there is a simpler and effective platform similar to Shopify that anyone has had positive experience with? Would love if there was a platform built specifically around handling memberships and recurring payments that I’m not aware of.

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