Alternatives to Plastiq Accept?

Initially I was very interested in Plastiq Accept. It allows you to email secure payment links to customers where they can pay a 1 percent fee to use their debit card and the money is immediately available to the business owner and the entire service is free.

I sounds great right? Well their site barely functions and their customer service is TRASH.

They have two programs one called Plastiq where you can MAKE payments and one called Plastiq Accept where you can TAKE payments.

I have not been able to set up a Plastiq Accept account for the life of me, every link their "customer service" sends me always redirects me to their basic Plastiq progam which allows someone to pay bills etc using credit cards to gather additional CC benefits like frequent flier miles and crap.

If this is there level of competence then I just don't want to do business with them unless they get their crap together. They signed me up for the wrong program, which made me have to make a second email and try again (even after they deleted my first account I still had to do this), so I made a second email and they signed me up for the account to MAKE payments again.

The guide on their site says when you sign up it will ask you whether you want to accept or make payments or both using this account. It NEVER asked me after two instances of them signing me up for the wrong account.

I just need a service like them. I need to be able to email a customer a secure payment link in an email and have them be able to pay using a debit card or CC

I liked Plastiq because it was free, they only charge the customer (low 1 percent) and the money is liquid for the business immediately no waiting at all. It seemed great.

I do not want a traditional shopping cart on my page.

Any alternatives or similar companies I can try? (I've searched some but haven't found much)

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