Can’t find a good solution

Hi all,

I'm stuck and would love some guidance.

I distribute for 50+ suppliers, mostly done manually (i.e. sales calls to client offices). But I want a website so I can increase my reach by digital marketing which leads to closed sales.

The thing is, I have price tables for every product, and these are not workable in WooCommerce. My suppliers almost all use the same couple of formats, and these use a "Price1 – Qty1" "Price2 – Qty2" column format in the data files.

The way WooCommerce works, you start with a baseline price and then enter discount codes to them. That won't work here.

I don't hold stock, but I do have a combined catalogue in the tens of thousands of products. So I need to be able to re-upload pricing easily. That, to me, means I need an ecommerce solution that can take this data format and create price tables.

Is there something like this? Does PrestaShop or its fork 30 Bees do this? Does anyone know?

Cheers for helping, in advance.

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