Good self-hosted e-commerce platform for high risk products?

Hi people. I'm thinking of setting up a new store for a 'high-risk' product: CBD. In the past I've done this with Shopify and they closed the store suddenly with no reason given. We assumed we'd broken their ToS but never heard back from them… This makes me want to go with Magento – from that point on with the previous store we used Magento – it's a self-hosted solution, meaning it's completely in your control. This means no wondering if it will be shut down at some point.

However, I know there are a lot of costs/time associated with a new Magento installation (I didn't have to go through that with the previously mentioned business, personally), even the Open Source version. I wondered if anyone would recommend any other self-hosted service other than Magento that's a bit more layman-friendly/doesn't require programming skills? Obviously I have to think about using a more niche card payment processing solution as well because it's 'high-risk'. Any recommendations or input is appreciated. I will have a lot of SKUs, hundreds.

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