how to kill/scale my first ad campaign (drop shipping beginner)

Ran my first ad campaign for roughly 2 days. Should I start scaling after 2 sales? these could have been a fluke but I also don't want to spend money on adsets that aren't working

Analytics (let me know if there is anything i missed)

  • 5 adsets, $5 daily budget
  • Spent a total of $55 so far
  • 1,422 impressions
  • ROAS (2 adsets only) 1.73 and 1.80
  • 18 link clicks (lowest 3, highest 5)
  • CPC average $3.06 (lowest $2.12, highest $3.84)
  • CPM average $38.72 (lowest $28.56, highest $62.66)
  • 2 add to carts on the same adset
  • 4 checkouts initiated evenly spread out across adsets (only 1 has none)
  • 2 purchases (both this morning)

I noticed that some adsets perform great in one factor, and horrible in others. For instance, the adset with the most link clicks and lowest CPC, has only 1 checkout initiated. While the adset with 2 add to carts, 1 checkout initiated and 1 purchase has a CPM of $60 and 3 link clicks

What adsets do I scale and kill? And how do I scale and kill? Do I just turn it off to kill and duplicate, select a similar interest to scale?

I know there are multiple ways to scale, what should I do in my situation?

Edit: I read up on CBOs, am I in a position to start one? If so, should I?

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