Where and how to set up on Amazon FBA?

Hi there, I have a few questions regarding Amazon FBA if someone could be kind enough to answer them.

  1. Recently I have gotten really into Amazon FBA and want to set up my own Amazon Seller account. I currently live in the UK, and im unsure whether I should start selling on the US or UK Amazon first? I have seen a few articles saying its best to start out on your own countries platform and branch out internationally once your established on there, is this the best way to go for a beginner on a small budget?

  2. I'm unsure whether to sign up as an individual or sole trader. I'm not currently registered as a sole trader in the UK with HMRC, but ive heard its free and pretty easy to do, is this recommended, or should I just sign up as an individual at first? What are the benefits of signing up as a sole trader?

  3. If I make an Amazon Seller account in the UK, can I still make an Amazon Seller account on the American platform? Or is it possible to sell in different countries on the one account?

  4. Does amazon deduct all necessary charges such as fees and taxes for you, or are you responsible for paying these yourself?

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