3PL and 3PF Companies

Background: As a business that has grown multiple fold in the past 15 months I am preparing for my hot season. Right now I’m at about 300 orders/month and growing. I am anticipating my conversions from August-March to be around 500-600/month. I have about 70 SKUs with some of them being a single piece of 15” wire. I have found 1 company willing to bill me hourly for full foment rather than per item as many orders have over 100 products in them. I know I could repackage them so each pick is 5 of a certain product instead of just 1. Before changing my packaging I’m exploring all options.

Question: Does anyone else with a similar business volume use a 3PL that could share a rough cost they are paying for this? Each company has many different fees and some work for some businesses others don’t. I have spoken with Shopify Fulfillment and Shipbob and I believe neither won’t work because of storage fees and pick fees. I found one that has been very helpful and willing to work with me on orders. Just wondering what a similar business is budgeting for their 3PL services.

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