how much growth would you be happy with? (unhappy client demotivating my team)

I have a client who says he's not happy with our work (and refuses to share results/testimonial) until we get them to $100K/month in sales.

When we started working in July 2020 they were making $2K/month at a conversion rate of less than 0.4%.

Last month we hit $54K with a 1.31% conversion rate.

This month we're already at $64K at a 1.66% conversion rate.

We can scale his ads but that will require searching for new audiences and potentially lowering ROAS (currently spending >$6K/month on ads).

I've tried to have to explain our focus has been profitability and increasing conversion rates sharing reports outlining the numbers. But that revenue number is really stuck in his head.

Focusing on revenue feels like a vanity metric. Hitting $100K and lowering overall profits is not the way to go.

Any suggestions on how to navigate the conversation?

I want him to be happier with our work. Our team is losing motivation from the negative feedback.

Or should I just suck it up and keep plugging until we get them to $100K? Do we scale ads even though it hurts ROAS?

How much growth would you be happy with? Am I being unreasonable? Or are his expectations too high?

[Sharing a screenshot of quarterly conversion growth since we started working together + May numbers for reference]

Month to Date

Quarterly CR

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