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Hi all,
I’m currently running an ecommerce start-up store. I understand both WordPress and shopify have their pros and cons and one has to be considerate for the one that suits them. I opted for a WordPress theme since I’m more familiar with it and through Yoast, it can easily help improve my store’s SEO which is essential for any store.
Finding ways to encourage consumers to purchase from your store can be a hassle especially when competing with the big guys in the market. I have been hoping to adopt both content creators to write blog posts for my products to engage customers and SEO specialists who will just focus on keywords on my website but my limited budget cannot accommodate both expertise.

I have been thinking that due to my small budget, I should start with SEO by the virtue of the fact that with the help of WordPress tools like Yoast, they will help optimize my website store on top of google pages with more specific words rather than general wordings in blog posts.
Should I go with SEO, how should I enhance my SEO for WordPress in order to drive up traffic to my website?

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