Customer Experience Vs. Company Priorities

Had a call with friend Jonathon Ivanco today riffing on the evolution of eCommerce, where it’s going, and how it’s broken.

Lots of good talking points but there's one that stood out.

We – as eCommerce owners, managers, practitioners – need to do a better job tailoring strategies around – who our customers are, what they’re looking for, & where they are in their buying journey – thinking critically about the experience THEY want to have vs the experience WE WANT them to have.

All of the templated, cookie-cutter, "best practices" that used to work are now completely transparent and can be seen right through.

The “special 10% discount” in exchange for email? Yea, no one cares. Most will clickoff before they even read the details.

The “buy sequence” email series that pushes generic product offers? Most of your list will never open a second.

Because you didn’t CARE.

You didn’t care to ask.
You didn't care to segment.
You didn't care to tailor their experience.

We’re able to capture more customer data than ever before.
We have all the tools to do it.

And yet most don’t.

Instead, we opt to keep pushing things everyone else is.

We need to ask ourselves – why?

And how can we start creating customer experiences like we give a shit?

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