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I am surely not a beginner and also not an expert. I am struggling with ecommerce, over a year now.

Our company: we are a decades old company. We are very good at traditional way of doing business. But since ecommerce getting bigger and bigger we decided to enter the ecommerce side of the business. And I can say that its been a complete failure. You can imagine starting small is always easier, and we started very big, meaning we dealt with a lot of things a small company don’t have to. For one year, we have worked tirelessly. And effectively we have done nothing.

What would some courses, tools ,for a company like us, that you would consider suggesting. For example, I like Helium10 and freedom ticket for amazon, it is really “staright to the point”. You can suggest me things like that. Please not things like: “hey guys that is seo and it is very important”.

Thank you

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