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I am launching an activewear clothing brand with 3 products (and some variants) for my first drop. I am thinking of for the first 200-300 orders give away a pair of socks, which likely won't be on sale at least at launch, if people like them I can sell them afterwards.

In addition, I was thinking of doing a 10-15% first purchase promo code on launch, but now I'm thinking of all the upfront investment and lost revenue this would require.

Giving away the socks looks like a good deal (to me at least) and would be around give or take as costly as the lost revenue from the code

Also I was planning to offer affiliate codes to influencers with 10% discount and 5% commission, which I'm thinking if I don't do a code upfront would be more appealing for them.

I am debating between offering a 10-15% and the socks, give the option of either-or, or just go for one of the two at launch, any recommendation?

Would love to get some words of wisdom here! Thank you so much

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