Getting Steady Traffic but the Conversion Rate is Little to None – Please Help!

Hi Guys,

Here is a little into to my startup e-commerce site:-

Startup name / URL: BeanProfile

Elevator Pitch: One by one, we're turning coffee drinkers into coffee lovers. Use our unique coffee personality quiz to get matched with a coffee you'll love. Our aim is to connect coffee lovers with independent coffee roasters to help discover coffee from around the world.

I recently found a website ranking boost on Fivver (please don't shout at me for this) and I'm seeing a fair amount of traffic hit the site (999 sessions since May 17th). My issue is that I've had 1 conversion from this which is very low. The prices for the coffee all match the roasters as I'm working from a wholesale price per unit. I just don't know why the uptake isn't high. Perhaps I'm being naive and thinking that it would be but speciality coffee is huge in the UK.

Any pointers to help increase my conversion rate would be great.



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