[Review] E-comm Clubhouse by Wholesale Ted

So I'm just putting this out there so there will be less that will make my mistake. I wish a review like this existed before I wasted $134.

I really like Sarah Chrisp. A.k.a. Wholesale Ted on Youtube, she makes informative and helpful videos there and her success is a huge inspiration to me…. but her e-commerce course was a huge let-down. Although I wasn't ripped off, I feel like it.

I've spent $134 ($67 per month) in total for something I could have found on Youtube with more updated content. So here's why I don't think it's worth it, even though I really tried hard to like it:

  1. The videos are as old as 2 years. They aren't updated strictly or maintained to keep up with new updates of whatever site she was giving a tutorial on. So a lot of the tutorials are outdated and hard to follow (which kind of defeated the purpose of a tutorial to make it easier) It's not even just a change of button, but the overall flow of the instructions for a lot of videos.
  2. A lot of times too, there was just the word "UPDATE:" on the bottom. One tutorial even just linked a Youtube video from Shopify. 😐
  3. There were no 'IF this happens' in her tutorials, so a lot of the videos I didn't even watch because it didn't apply to me. For example, I live in a country where credit cards in Shopify aren't automatically integrated (Shopify pay) so I didn't know I had to apply to a third party and wait for weeks to get accepted and what it would mean to my sales if I only had PayPal. Having a heads up on that would have helped.
  4. Speaking of updates and 'if this happens, I didn't know beforehand that because my niche was political, I couldn't make ads. Political ads or social issue-related merch are heavily restricted and regulated by FB as of 2020. So I just wasted my hours trying to make an ad account and ad I basically couldn't use (I'm now restricted). If only this was warned at the beginning of this tutorial. 😓
  5. I know it's not exactly a course on social media strategy, but one of the things she put on her tutorial was to just take 10 stock photos from the internet that are royalty-free and post them all at once before you make an ad. I'm not an expert at this, but I'm pretty sure that's not the way you build followers. There were other marketing strategies that I was skeptical of and eventually didn't follow. A lot of them were based on just interrupting people with ads or paying for customers rather than building a group of loyal people to your brand.
  6. The 'Monthly hangout' part was difficult to navigate. There was nothing on the descriptions of what the Q&A topics would be and give the subscriber an idea of what questions were answered. For two months, I was only able to watch two Q&A videos.

I sound like I'm putting the blame on this course for some mistakes of my own. I admit I did make my own mistakes which I am responsible for. But because I trusted and paid for a course that would help me as a beginner to lessen these mistakes, it felt like a waste of money.

So those who are thinking of getting the course just like I did two months ago, my advice would be to just go straight to youtube and don't buy courses like this online. It will be more difficult for you to get your ROI back if you did what I just did.

Making mistakes of course is all part of e-commerce and entrepreneurship, but it's better to find that all on your own without feeling like you wasted money to avoid it with a course from a guru.

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