Women’s fashion dropshippers

Hi friends,

I am starting an online boutique with a mix of wholesale (will have a small inventory starting out) and dropshipping. I want my site to have a decent number of products upon launch, because I know as a customer I instantly leave ‘amateur’ looking websites with very little selection.

However- I am running into issues finding a couple women’s dropshipping suppliers. The clothes are, in short, hideous. I have found some great wholesale supplier of super stylist clothing, but I am coming up short on the dropshipping side.

Is this just how it is? What am I missing? Are there no ‘affordable luxury’/mid-range women’s fashion dropshippers? I am seeing a lot of extremely cheap FashionNova/stripper like clothing OR very conservative looking, somewhat outdated clothing that my demographic wouldn’t buy.

Thank you all 🙂

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