How do I scale from 2k to 10k in FB ads?

Hey!! So I hit my first 2k in revenue with my dropshipping store (running FB ads). Im selling a product for 19.99, free shipping. I source it for $5.

My Average order value: $22.22.

I've been running $100 CBO's for 75% VV LLA (lookalike) audiences.

I tried running a 95% VV LLA CBO but it performed worse than the 75% one lol.

(I only have 98 sales total so I haven't run a purchase LLA yet… also how many purchases should i have before creating a purchase LLA?)

My profit margins are around 15-20%. (which isn't the best but at least I'm not in the negative)

So, I'm really looking to hit my first 10k (in revenue) month.

What's the best way for me to scale this? How much should I spend per day on ads? And how fast/slow should I increase budget?

thank you in advance for anyone who replies!

Extra info:

in total i spent on FB ads: $1,170.96

in total i made in revenue from FB ads: $1,941.89

(i made about $100 from sources other than FB ads so that's why you see $2,021.85 in my screenshot)

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