How I use my Instagram account to promote my store.

A few months ago I was using Facebook to advertise my products but then out of nowhere they banned my account so I had to start looking for other ways.

Facebook has been a great way to reach a targeted audience but the last few months have shown that this will no longer be the case especially with the IOS 14 update.

I started looking into Instagram and learned that I still had hope in the Shopify business. I quickly started investing in my IG account and started growing steadily.

I found a chrome extension that grows your Instagram account organically by following people in your target niche. This helped my account grow even quicker. When I reached 5k followers I started promoting my products on my account. At first I was getting 3-4 conversions per week. By the time I reached 10K followers I was getting the same conversions as my Facebook ads previously.

Moral of this post is don't give up. There's always a solution to your problems.

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