Handling multiple email addresses across multiple domains?

Hey there, I (probably like many of you) have more than one domain. As of now I'm hosting my own email, which works fine for receiving email but isn't great for sending. Lots of email providers label my stuff as spam, and I understand why and am ok with it. I thus want to migrate to a different provider. What are you all using to handle multiple domains and addresses?

Let's say I have [](, [](, [](, and a a couple others. I am aware I could use office 365 or google whatever it's called but that would get expensive quick (in the $5-$15/user/month range). Is there something cheaper? I'd be ok paying up to $2-3/domain per month and hopefully be able to use aliases so I don't have 3 "users" per domain.

What do you all use?

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