Made eBay buyer account, bought item, account then “permanently suspended.” Will I still receive the item I paid for? What do I do?

So, I saw something I wanted on eBay. About $40, so not an unusually high-value purchase or anything. Made an account, changed my username from the default one, purchased the item with a credit card. Minutes afterwards, I got an email from eBay–not a scam, it's also in my eBay message center–saying my account has been permanently suspended, and they won't tell me why nor allow an appeal. Shortly after THAT, I received an email saying my order is confirmed.

I tried the eBay chat-with-an-agent feature, and the agents were completely useless. All they tell me is that they won't tell me why my account was suspended nor let me appeal. Ridiculous, but whatever. As I told them, I'm not asking for an appeal, all I want to know is whether my purchase went through and whether I will receive the item I paid for. They wouldn't give me a straight answer.

As of right now, the charge is listed on my credit card as "pending," and the item shows as paid on My eBay. I just want to receive my item and don't plan to buy on eBay again. Will the seller still ship it, or will eBay cancel it, or…? Should I contact the seller? What do I do? Like I said, forget the account, at this point I don't plan to use it ever again anyway. I just want the thing I bought and would really appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Hope this is an acceptable place for this question. I tried posting on r/eBay, but apparently they don’t allow posts relating to suspensions. A great taboo, I suppose.

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