my struggle as a “data-driven marketer”

Something I struggle with as a data-driven marketer is exploring marketing strategies that don’t produce attributable data.

I use data as a security blanket to guide my efforts. It gives me confidence in my next step. Not only that it’s the right one.

But also that IF it’s the wrong one, I’ll have a way to know. Turning off or optimizing what’s not working.

Though some business functions, like marketing, don’t always produce perfectly attributable data.

Sometimes, there’s huge gap in the action that you take and the measurable result it produces.

The problem is, only going after attributable marketing efforts limits you from major opportunities.

This leads me to a major MINDSET SHIFT, which is…

While I still believe, to the deepest depths of my core, that data-driven decisions are a fundamental success factor for any business that wants to succeed in today’s marketplace – there needs to be an acceptance that certain decisions are not going to produce “feel good” attributable data or hit KPIs that tell you whether you’re “on or off” course the same way as other marketing activities in the short term, but crush it for your business in the long-term.

Therefore, that data-security blanket isn’t there.

That security needs to come from a trust in the process and a strategic vision of how these low-attribution marketing activities are going to impact your business long-term.

Thoughts? Let me know if you think I’m thinking about this correctly

Made a short video talking about this, in case anyone is interested:

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