Where do you find interns or employees?

Hi guys,
This is a 2 in 1 post. Hope I don't break any rules asking this.

Where do you find interns? We're looking to train people in Ecom in exchange for an internship, with the ability for a full time position if they're a good fit.

2nd part
Our team started a influencer management company since we moved into one of the most famous influencer houses. We have 350 influencers signed on our network currently and have access to almost anyone. We're trying to launch 20-50 ecom stores per month, and we use our influencers to promote products.

We're looking for local interns or partners to work with us. If you're interested in interning, we'll teach you how launch ecom stores, find products and make ads. Any stores you work with us on you'll get a percentage of. We'll give you a full time position if you work hard. If you're interested in this opportunity just send a DM.

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