building a 3d models for Woocommerce plugin

I've made a plugin that lets you upload and display 3d models with shortcodes in WordPress. Despite all the work so far, I know it's still really basic functionality. I'd be curious to hear if anyone has thoughts on the existing UI, or especially what new features you'd like to see.

There's a woocommerce extension linked to (free), that swaps in product models for featured images, on the single product page. The next thing I'm working on for that is the ability to load in base models like Tshirts, coffee mugs, dancing Pikachus, etc, and display your featured image on the model automatically. This seems like a pretty quick win that I haven't seen around yet, unless someone can point me to an example.

If you download it now, it's free upgrades forever, assuming I start charging for it eventually.

Some issues I'm aware of: – The plugin attempts to set parameters for camera distance and zoom speed automatically, and still gets it wrong sometimes. – Only glb files are currently supported. I'll expand eventually, but it's not a priority imho as glb is becoming the standard for the web, and threejs.

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