the 4 hour work week for an online store owner

People who start an online business do so because they want to experience new cities, they want to do a bbq with family without looking at a calendar, they want to go out and get wasted at least a couple of nights a week. It doesn't make any sense that after you have already won, after all that hard work, you end up living inside a screen day-in and day-out!!

To really feel alive, and truly be free, you shouldn't have to work more than 4 hours per week. That can be done by automating the main tasks that consume most of your time:

Task #1. Support tickets.

Task #2. Bookkeeping.

Task #3. Marketing (FB ads/PPC campaigns)

If you can automate the first 2 tasks, then all you need to do is to write marketing copy. Which won't take more than a couple of hours per week, AND that is the goal here.

Asksunday is the cheapest option to automate task #1

Cheapbookkeeper is the cheapest option to automate task #2

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