WTF checkout cart software can I use globally without headaches?

I am looking for a more experienced voice to guide me!

I launched a typesetting course online last week. I have the basic site on WordPress, and the course is in teachable, I've got some sales already. And some issues with the teachable checkout page (she couldn't click buy in Chrome, went back in Safari and it worked – thank god she let me know!!!) I was concerned about the conversion rate from ATC to sales – so think this could be a wider issue.

This was supposed to be a simple 1 or 2 product business. haha… when was any business ever simple. The teachable checkout was only supposed to be a stopgap anyway. Then I was planning on splitting out the payments from teachable and solely using it for course delivery.

Does anyone know of a good guide, advice, or software that I can rely on to achieve:

  • cart with features for conversion optimizations
  • supports an affiliate management
  • fast as f*ck
  • can handle worldwide sales (UK, NZ, Aus, USA, Canada as a minimum) in native currency
  • handles necessary tax reporting (VAT, GST, etc)
  • GDPR compliant

Thanks in advance! Maybe I'm overthinking but really want to get it set up right the first time rather than fix it later with a huge tax and privacy mess sitting in the back of my mind until then.

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