8 Little-Known eCommerce Marketing Techniques That Help You Rank Higher

Are you sending potential customers straight to your competitor's site?

Not intentionally, right?

The truth is: if you've neglected to stay on top of the latest eCommerce marketing trends, you probably have and are still doing so daily.

Many eCommerce store owners fall into the same trap while building their brands and online stores. You start with a perfect eCommerce marketing strategy, and it works beautifully.

Then sales flatline, and you don't understand what went wrong.

How do you reel in sales after Bailey Sarian name-dropped your organic lip gloss on her Youtube channel? Is celebrity endorsement enough to break through your $1million revenue barriers?

You’ll enjoy reading on if you’re asking yourself:

  • What more must I do to capitalize on my social media and online successes?
  • How do I advertise my eCommerce business better?
  • What is an eCommerce marketing strategy?

What is an eCommerce Marketing Strategy?

We all understand and follow the obvious steps in creating a marketing plan, email campaigns, and blogs that rock.

But, is it rocking the real players that determine your success?

A successful eCommerce marketing strategy gets your products sold online. It’s your roadmap to success for your online store. Your plan must remain in line with what Google and your customers want. As simple as that.

Our community of experienced 7-figure+ store owners at eCommerceFuel are always ready and willing to share advice for the best eCommerce marketing strategy that's proven to work.

Interacting with like-minded peers will help you stay on top of new frameworks, tactics, and ideas to rank high on Google while satisfying potential customer's searches.

How to Rank Higher on Google in 3 Steps?

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Google is constantly changing their game.

And for a good reason.

The Web has more than enough meaningless and SEO-tired information. Google aims to deliver authoritative information on every search. You need to understand how it influences your rankings if you plan to stay ahead of the pack.

Optimize On-site SEO with Expert Tools

SEO audit
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Optimizing your website to satisfy Google's algorithms is not a guessing game. You'll find fantastic online tools that get the job done right in a few minutes.

Using SEO optimization tools is not a mere option anymore. If you want to stay ahead, use the right tools for the job. Great apps to consider includes:

Ensure your Content Matches Search Intent

Have you checked your FAQs and blogs lately? Are you answering your customer's questions or merely directing traffic to your site to sell products?

E-Commerce buyers, like Google, are wary of online fraud. Keep this in mind when you create marketing information for your store.

  • Be precise and answer the question searched
  • Avoid filler content
  • Use authority links that answers what it promises to

If you fill your pages with irrelevant information, the new generation eCommerce buyer will bounce off your site faster than they landed. No matter how good your intentions or products are.

Create Content That Matters

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Don't be afraid to allow controversial topics on your social media and eCommerce forums to encourage healthy discussion and interaction. If you don't have a social media forum, now's the time to create one. We'll discuss it in more detail a bit further down.

Google acronyms to shape your eCommerce marketing strategy and content with:

  • Google E-A-T: Google E-A-T checks if what you publish is accurate. If it's not, you'll drop down to the bottom of the search pile. Google wants Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness in your content.
  • YMYL: Your Money or Your Life refers to information that can affect your reader's happiness, health, or wealth. It walks hand in hand with E-A-T principles.

If you want to talk about medicine, back up your statements with high authority backlinks to prove your claims.

Get expert citations that the Google machines can fact-check for accuracy, or link to governmental sites to back up what you're saying.

It's about crafting well-researched and factual responses to what your eCommerce consumers are currently discussing. You want your customers to interact and participate on your platform.

The longer they stay on your site on every visit, the higher you rank.

How To Keep Customers on Your Site in 5 Steps?

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Now that you've applied your eCommerce content strategy to impress Google, we can get to the people that matter most: your potential customers.

Much like Google, your eCommerce customers want tangible quality – even in a virtual world.

Adapt your Content Marketing Strategies

tiktok vs instagram infographic

Are your marketing strategies still trendy? Are you still connecting to your target market with popular resources such as video marketing on TikTok?

“Videos are more engaging and more memorable than pictures or text. So, 8 out of 10 digital marketers praise video marketing. It helps to generate leads, increase the traffic of their websites, and directly increase sales. And the market and the demands are growing. Mobile video consumption is doubling every year. Almost all video marketers plan to keep their budget or increase it in 2020.” According to an article on

According to mediakix, the popular influencer marketing site, Instagram was still the #1 social media leader in terms of active users up to 2020.

However, TikTok is growing by more than 49% year on year and toppled Instagram off the leaderboard recently when it reached 113 million downloads.

Revive Old Content

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You should regularly update existing information on your website. As we said earlier: why re-invent the wheel if all it needs is a new tube?

If you have old blog posts that are still relevant, you can quickly give them a fresh appeal. You can do so by:

  • Updating article dates.
  • Updating backlinks and internal links to more recent industry news according to Google's latest SEO requirements.
  • Adding more original and trendy photos.
  • Replace old charts with current data.

Automate Everything

With AI tech-driven tools, we have no excuse to treat our eCommerce customers like virtual strangers. Automation and personalization go hand in hand with modern technology.

It would help if you considered adding automation tools to your current digital marketing plan budget.

Here's a list of what you should automate to deliver consistency in your eCommerce marketing and communications strategy:

  • Social Media campaigns and chatbot responses
  • Email marketing campaigns and responses
  • Online store live chat responses
  • Updating your email list from customer interaction

Personalize your Brand

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The new generation of eCommerce customers embrace the virtual age and expect personalization at every level of interaction. Make sure you don't focus so much on your eCommerce products that you leave your customers behind.

Give your brand a face that they'll recognize and trust.

It can be your photo, your company mascot, or a slogan. Be consistent in your content marketing to incorporate your ‘face' or mascot. Whether you create a blog or post your product on TikTok: always add your signature emblem to it.

Let your content creators and authors add their real names. You should add their photo too. It adds a personal touch when interacting with your eCommerce audience.

Let Your Company Culture Shine Through

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You have a superb opportunity to create and showcase your unique company culture and attract the right buyers for your products when they land on your FAQs after entering questions into their search engine.

Dropbox homepage
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FAQ sections attract high traffic. Use it to show who you are and whom you cater to. Dropbox uses interesting cartoon characters on its FAQ page that immediately puts you in a good mood, knowing they’ll be happy to deal with your questions.

The Bottom Line

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It's time to re-organize your eCommerce marketing toolbox. Throw out what doesn't work and apply new marketing tools that do.

To succeed in eCommerce trading is a playful game of adapt or die.

Face every new challenge when marketing eCommerce head-on with a smile (grin if you have to, but make the change needed.)

Guiding eCommerce customers to your site is only step one in sealing a deal. You have to engage with and immerse them into your brand and online store by being consistent with your eCommerce marketing strategies and product delivery.

There's no need to re-invent a perfectly designed wheel. The most exciting factor about eCommerce marketing is that you have everything you need to thrive available with the click of a button.

When using proven eCommerce marketing tricks-of-the-trade shared by our generous community members here at eCommerceFuel, you can quickly lift-off and bend that flatlined sales curve upwards again.

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