Crazy customer who is stopping at nothing to ruin my brand’s reputation – need advice.

Hey guys,

So I run a kidswear ecomm store. I live in Australia and dropship from China currently. In the last few days I have had a run in with a customer who is really dedicated to tearing us down, it seems.

I communicate on my Shipping & Returns page that the packages come from China, and she didn't realise this when she purchaed. When she noticed in her tracking info that it was indeed coming from China, she got really pissed off exclaiming that she can't believe shes is 'supporting Chinese workers, not Australian' (despite the fact that I, the business owner, is Australian, lol). She recommended that I update the 'about us' page to say they come from China, because she said that mentioning australia on the page is 'misleading'. I told her thanks for the suggestion, and I'll update it. I reviewed my whole site, and decided not to put it on the about us, since its loud and clear on the shipping info page. She then came back days later, pointing out that I didn't update the page. I explained why I didn't. She then proceeded to call us scammers, liars, disgusting, etc etc. This is super annoying, because our stock will actually soon be in Australia (within 2 weeks).

She then threatened to 'expose' us on her socials. I then told her sorry she's upset, and if she wants a refund (order was over $100), I'm super happy to do so because she's clearly dissatisfied. She then claimed that this was blackmail.

She also pointed out that the fact that we dont have the review function activated on our socials is 'shaddy', scammy etc etc.

Anyway, I thought that was that, but she has now come back, commenting on our ads saying how they're from China, etc etc. All of these activities have been over many many days, mostly unprovoked, and I really don't see her stopping anytime soon. I want to block her, but I know that will make her furious, and she'll keep going somewhow (she even got a friend to comment negative stuff on our page yesterday.)

I'm usually pretty resillient when customers get mad, and when things go wrong in the business, but I find myself feeling super anxious about this. Given the nature of her behaviour, I guess I'm scared that she's going to go full crazy and reach out to my customers or something. I guess I don't have anything to hide, so it shouldn't be an issue.

I just feel really personally (even though I know I shouldn't) offended and upset by this. I so wish that there was a way to make her stop, and the fact that there isn't is making me anxious as hell.

I guess I'm just seeking advice and your opinion, as I'm sure many of you have been in a similar situation.

Thanks in advance!

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