Ads not generating into revenue?

So I completed set up for an online store selling these gameboy lookalike iPhone cases with 36 built-in games. I know it’s a good product and should sell. I made a TikTok business account to promote it at ran two video ads of the product targeting the “gameboy/gamergirl” type as well as older adults who would have been kids around the time the NES came out, because I know those two demographics would eat it up. Now, the ads are still running and a combined total of about 1200 people have seen it, but only about 70 liked the videos and only 33 came to the store. I only paid a combined total of about $90 on the ads, so am I just too stingy? Or are my ads or store flawed? Or do I need to change how I advertise? Today is the first full day the store has been open. The website is if there’s something I should change let me know.

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