do you optimize your blog posts?

Blog pages are not usually a big optimization priority for eComm sites.

The traffic is usually very top-of-funnel with a mixed bag of buying intent coming from various organic search terms.

So priority usually goes to more pressing optimization opportunities like product landing pages, category pages, the home page, navigation bar, search results page, checkout, cart etc…

But I'm here to tell you that optimizing your blog should still be added somewhere in your Experiment Plan because (cumulatively) they could make up a significant portion of traffic to your website, especially for SEO-driven websites.

Here are the results for 2 identical experiments on 2 other high-traffic blog posts over the past 26 days.

Experiment 1:

Experiment 2:

Variations outperformed the Control on transactions by 2X.

Not bad.

But more importantly, the experiments produced some great qualitative insights on how people read/navigate blog content and engage with CTAs that can be applied in future tests and blog posts.

Now factor that you'll apply the learnings at TEMPLATE LEVEL across all of your blog 10/100/1000 blog post content… and you're talking about some pretty significant improvements in CR.

So… I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't forget about blog pages!

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