should I not have bragged to my client?

I have a client who we helped grow from $2M ARR to approx $8M ARR of attributable revenue, this past year.

A few weeks ago, my client asked me to hop on a call with another vendor to help vet their service and see if was something we wanted to explore.

During the call, the vendor mentions the massive growth they experienced the past year.

I selfishly drop “yea, that’s because of us”

My client comes back and says “yea, it has nothing to do with the 8 years I’ve been working on this business.”

I shut up.
Felt kinda stupid.
And continued the call with the vendor.

Later that day, I sent my client an email to apologize for what I said.

His response is epic (see screenshot).

But why didn’t he back it up on the call?
Did I cross the line? Was my bragging appropriate?

P.S. I redacted the screenshot best I could. Let me know if it's still inappropriate.

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